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ESWC 2007 Information for Authors
  • FIRM DEADLINE for uploading your camera ready version of the paper: 16th March 2007
  • Full papers: 15 pages
  • System Descriptions: 10 pages
  • contact mail (if needed): eswc2007 [at]
Format etc.
  • Springer LNCS format
  • sources must also be uploaded. Springer will edit the sources to enter headers and other information. Do not manipulate font sizes, spacing etc. You may use LaTeX, PDFLaTeX, or Word. Further details about the format can be found at
  • upload your camera-ready version of your paper via
    (see below for important information about the EasyChair accounts)
  • Please update the information *about* your paper so that EXACTLY one CORRESPONDING AUTHOR for each paper will be listed. Springer will send the proofs as pdf to this author only (we will supply the list of corresponding authors to the publisher).
Copyright Form
  • Please download the Springer copyright form at and fill it in as follows:

    Book: European Semantic Web Conference Volume
    Editors: Enrico Franconi, Michael Kifer, Wolfgang May

  • fax the form to +49 551 39 14415. Please clearly display the following on the fax "To the attention of Wolfgang May".
EasyChair Accounts

Since the EasyChair conference management system changed its account management during the review process, you will most likely have to apply for a new account. (You will then be able to use this account in the future for all conferences that are managed through EasyChair. So, keep this information in secure place for future submissions.)

Please apply for the account as soon as possible to give time for fixing the possible glitches. In case of problems, notify the program chairs immediately.
  • Make sure that EasyChair is able to match your new account with your old account. EasyChair does this by matching your email address, so make sure to supply the same email address as the one you gave when submitting your paper! It is the same address at which you will receive the current communication. If you already have a new EasyChair account (from another conference), then log into EasyChair and use

    Other -> My Account -> Merge Accounts

    for merging.

    To apply for a new account, go to

  • If you do not yet have a new account, click on "I have no EasyChair account".
  • Then, apply for an account by supplying - your mail address - and some "secret word", e.g. blabla (it is needed only temporarily).
  • You will receive an email to that mail address in a few minutes. The email will contain a Web address where to go to complete the application (if you do not receive that mail, check your spam filter!!!).
  • Visit the indicated page. This requires the secret word again (that?s the only use for it), and enter your data (including a password that you will use from then on for all your EasyChair activities). This new account is matched with your existing account. Log in with the new account, and you should find ESWC 2007 under

    Other -> Change Conference


03 - 07 June | 2007 | Innsbruck | Austria