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Besides the referred paper and poster tracks, ESWC asks for demonstrations of semantic web ideas to applied to real world problems. This includes applications, demonstrations of innovative technologies or infrastructure that supports the deployment of semantic web applications in any area covered by topics of interest for ESWC2007.

All demonstrations must show relevance, novelty and significance.


Submissions are to be sent to [email protected] by noon, Monday April 2nd. They must contain:
  • A description of the demonstration, including a statement of its novelty and relevance.
  • An RDF description
The RDF metadata must include at least a DOAP description [DOAP] and include contact email using FOAF [FOAF].

The description should be 2-sides or less (excluding screen shots), or a draft poster with a covering note stating the contribution.

We accept only submissions in the PDF or HTML formats.

Late breaking news

A few items of late breaking news may also be accepted. To be acceptable for a poster presentation of late breaking news, a submission must include:
  • Draft poster or 2-side description of the new item
  • A statement as why the submission is timely.
Material submitted to the main paper and poster tracks will not be accepted.

Posters for late breaking news will not be published as part of the conference proceedings.


Demo day: Monday 4th June

Important Dates

System Demonstrations
Demos, Late Breaking Posters Deadline:   Noon April 2, 2007
Notification:   May 2, 2007
Demo day:   June 4, 2007

Review Committee

Andy Seaborne (Chair) -- Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Chris Bizer -- Freie Universität Berlin
Alberto Reggiori -- asemantics
Arjohn Kampman -- Aduna
Steve Harris -- garlik
Rob Shearer -- University of Manchester


DOAP generator
FOAF generator


03 - 07 June | 2007 | Innsbruck | Austria