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As with previous ESWC and ISWC conferences, metadata describing the conference is being published. This includes basic author/title/abstract information describing the proceedings, along with additional information such as scheduling. The hope is that, as in the past, developers will bring their tools to consume this data, providing a showcase for Semantic Web technologies.

Data is published using ontologies and schemas based on those developed for recent ESWC and ISWC conferences.

The challenge for developers is now to put this information to good use. What can you do with it that will help attendees' experience of the conference? There is no competition or prize for "best application" other than the glowing admiration of your peers! What more do you need?

The metadata set can now be found at


Rather than providing a dedicated wiki, this year we'll be using pages on Ontoworld as a space for comments and discussion. Pages will be generated from the metadata set, and we encourage you to discuss and comment on the papers (or anything else related to the conference) using the wiki.


If you're tagging photos, blogs or anything else, please make sure you use the tag eswc2007.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we might improve our metadata provision, please let us know.

Sean Bechhofer
Semantic Technologies Co-ordinator


03 - 07 June | 2007 | Innsbruck | Austria